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Professors and doctors made in Costa Rica.

From Doctor to honor Professor: A mysterious university in Central America also provides Germans with academic titles. Is it one of the infamous title mills? Who are the teachers, there is a campus? ONLINE blogs was on the ground in search of clues.
  Henner Ertel, director of the Stuttgart "GRP Institute for Rational Psychology," was recently by a professor of psychology because of the suspicion of abuse of academic degrees. He is accused of academic degrees "Prof." and "Dr." to lead to injustice. Ertel says, a professor at the University of Neuroscience in London to be, but this is only a mailbox company. Well then why he changed on the website of the University of Neuroscience "his title of" Dr. " in "Dr. unem. Even his wife, the artist Ulrike Ertel, carries the title "Prof. hc (UNEM)".
The abbreviation "unem" apparently stands for Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (UNEM). On request Ertel wanted to but no details. The UNEM awarding the title "Professor unem" and "Dr. unem. On its homepage can be found neither accurate information about courses or to university administration still images from the campus, as there will be no names of faculty members mentioned. On the Internet, there are several addresses.
Is it one of the infamous Central and South American title mills? Susanne Schwaegerl by the government's Central Office for Foreign Education in Bonn, said: "The information available here shows that the 'UNEM' no premises. In this context, it is difficult to understand under what conditions there are courses presence."
Where is it only the university?
A blogs ONLINE employees visited the UNEM on the home page address in San Jose - and found only a white gitterverriegeltes house with abgekratzter house, which for several months on sale. It was up about half a year ago the office of the "Fundación Empresarial de Costa Rica". The owner confirmed that UNEM President William Zamora, the "Fundación Empresarial" represented. From a university was not aware of it.
The same building also appears, fleetingly, in a good six-promotional video, which the user "unem2009 in November on YouTube has uploaded. It shows the house as soon as a university emblem, otherwise scenes with the students and lecturers in lecture halls, long corridors, in front of computers - they could at the UNEM incurred, if they really exist. Or at any other university anywhere on the continent.
Zamora said in November to request that UNEM are still in the building, you will begin in San Jose and then in April in a new building in the region of Montes de Oca move that is being built. An address he also called on multiple requests and do not respond via e-mail highly indignant: in Germany would be a lot of false information disseminated - even if all Germans only "destructive article. Then Zamora threatened repeatedly tangled in endless sentences holprigem and English with a lawyer.
Who but the UNEM by e-mail contact, is also due to unusual requests quickly and efficiently help, such as these: "I urgently need a doctor and a professor. Money is no problem. Can you help me in any way help?" William Zamora replied: "We can offer you an honorary doctorate and an honorary professorship offer, if you agree, we need a donation from you. Remember, this are two instruments, so it must be a significant donation."
Allegedly a recognized university
According to the Central Office for Foreign Education, for the recognition of foreign qualifications is responsible, even circulate sums for the purchase of a UNEM title: "The amounts seem to vary. Unconfirmed information that relates to the amount of 1000 euros on a PhD to professor. "
The site claims to be the UNEM 1992 as a graduate school and have started since 1997 for an independent university. It prides itself in order, from the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and recognized in the "List of Universities of the World" by UNESCO to be listed. There is UNEM actually listed, as well as in the information Anabin the Central Office for Foreign Education, the German authorities is crucial.
This is substantially the formal status of UNEM in Costa Rica, where the private University CONESUP in 1997 as a college has been accredited. According to the central office, the CONESUP until 2004 three business courses at the UNEM accredited, then no more. From CONESUP was not a position.
On the question of whether the trade UNEM title run, told the Central Office for Foreign Education with: "The 'UNEM' presence offers courses in distance learning also. Distance learning courses are 'CONESUP' not accredited. Therefore, financial statements, by correspondence course have been acquired in Germany is not eligible. The financial statements submitted to the 'UNEM' were almost exclusively in the context of a presence of accredited distance-learning course or gangs' acquired '. "
Criminal proceedings for abuse of title
On the Internet there are a number of people who deal with UNEM titles adorn. So "Dr. hc (unem)" A. Volker, whose investment firm A. & Partners in addition to the "outsourcing of payroll-intensive businesses, for example, after Lithuania, Poland, Andorra" and " 'Inkasso' brokered the somewhat' different kind ' ! " offers. A. was against charges of abuse collected title because he honorary doctorate "Dr. hc unem" wrongly held to have. That is why the district court sentenced Goslar A., of the title in 2006 because of abuse was prosecuted in November to a fine of 100 daily rates at 80 euros. The case, both he himself and the public prosecutor's office, which has a higher daily rate calls appealed.
ON TO ONLINE blogs against psychology experts: Professor dubious, unbelievable studies (10.09.2008) Swiss mills title: Prof. Dr. arrogance (16.07.2008) title scrap of phantom-Unis: Magna cum laude at Catapult Price (25.06.2007) Doctor maker Process : Ph.D. adviser must go to prison (14.07.2008) Fake Title: Iran's interior minister falls on the wrong doctorate (04.11.2008) Title Catapult: cat gets MBA (08.12.2004) Commercial Title: Diploma of the "Stanford University" (17.10.2005) According to the Central Office for Foreign Education in Germany is running against another person is a criminal misuse of title in connection with a UNEM title. In Germany, a doctor or honorary doctorate degree from a university outside the EU was awarded only in the original form lent much clearer indication of the lending institution to be.
In a widely unknown in Germany as the university UNEM only the words "unem" to lead is probably not sufficient. "I would advise against any such title to lead," said the officer a science ministry. It also required that the degree is always due to an actual completed studies have been awarded - purchased titles can not be held.
The Costa Rican Private Higher Education has not even doctoral courses of UNEM accredited. "The 'UNEM' is therefore not entitled, doctor or honorary doctorate to lend," said Susanne Schwaegerl by the central office. "The so far presented honorary doctorates and honorary professor of the title 'UNEM' were in the framework of international distance learning and could have purchased for this reason alone in Germany is not recommended for driving," said Schwaegerl further.
UNEM-makers are also entitled to the police
UNEM titles are also the chairman of the "Central Germany" Prof. hc (unemcr) "Heino Janssen and Prof. hc (unem) Holger Liege MD (AM) Ph.D. (AM)," according to its own data "Hypnotherapeut "and" Ayurveda counselor. " He says that the Costa Rican authorities had him "on request officially confirmed that the UNEM nationally recognized and fully legitimate" and that, cash payments to UNEM he had not done.

Among the titles makers remains "Dr. hc (unem) Udo M., of a major bank as staff officer in the laundering of money laundering prevention team operates, with main areas of fraud prevention. In the career network Xing gave M. position as "managing Fraud Management" and also claimed "a lecturer at a private university in Costa Rica and Beijing" to be. After blogs ONLINE M. asked his title, he changed his position and wiped his teaching in Beijing.
UNEM institution of a title is "Prof. Dr. hc (unem)" Joachim Trettin, director of the "Orgoninstituts" and, according to "the first Professor of Orgonomie ever." And just "Prof. hc Dr. hc (unemcr)" Manfred Timmer Meister, a "scientific validation Agency" has operated, is also described as a game site and according to his work as Gradierungshelfer Unfortunately for health reasons "had to adjust. Both responded to questions.
YOUR OPINION IS GEFRAGTDiskutieren about this item
Even when the police found a UNEM Title Sponsor: Self-defense instructor of the Thuringian police, "Dr. hc (unemcr)" Steven K. The Police Master, on the Thuringian University of Public Administration student, decides as a member of the faculty on Prüfungsordnungen with. In 2006, K. of Thuringia Interior Secretary as "successful athletes in police uniforms" award.
K. claimed the title in the specialist sports science "properly awarded" get to have the title was "neither bought nor illegally lent" have been. The UNEM leads on their homepage no specialist sports science or sports. At the invitation of a seminar for staff of the police, judiciary, customs and the Army, he was as "Dr. Steven K." announced. Patron of the event in October was the interior minister of Rhineland-Palatinate. The head of the police department at the university administration Thüringer, Erich Weinelt was known that one of his proteges such titles: "That is not so, I told him," said Weinelt.


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